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What is the working principle of Paper making equipment​?

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Paper making equipment mainly means that the pure pulp is evenly spread on the mesh after it exits the headbox, and the mesh is supported and moved by the breast roller and the horizontal roller. There are wiper blades (before the water line) and the vacuum box (behind the water line) under the net cloth. This part is collectively referred to as the net part. Then, in the compression part, including several pressing rollers, it is compressed and dehydrated up and down; what is not finished is the dry part of the hair dryer, dozens of hair dryers, the guide roller can adjust the size of the roll angle of the blanket to adjust the contact area between the hair dryer and the wet paper; In addition, the drums are usually a pair. In order to dry and dehydrate, several drying tanks must be set up. After the calender roll, the final step, and the upper and lower surfaces are stamped, the roll paper can be rolled up and rolled into the required finished paper.


The working principle of the paper machine is to pass the pulp suspension that meets the requirements of papermaking through screen dehydration, mechanical extrusion dehydration and drying. The paper machine of the paper machine includes three main parts of the finished product process, pressing and drying, and has the necessary finishing, Coiling and transfer device. And slurry supply, slurry and white water circulation, vacuum, ventilation and exhaust, waste paper treatment and lubrication, automatic control and other auxiliary systems. The standard papermaking width of the paper machine (referred to as the width of the papermaking), the copper mesh width, the preferred working speed is a modern paper machine The papermaking width is 11m), the working speed reaches 1000m/min, and the paper volume is high

Paper making equipment is directly dried and ironed in the presence of pulp. Steamed. disinfect. Then cut it to size. Start the paper machine, feed the material-turn on the white water pump-throw the dispersant-change the knife-take up the waste paper for adjustment.

The working principle of Paper making equipment is to detect the congested human peripheral tissues, such as fingers and earlobes, the ratio of the absorbance change rate (R/IR value) of different wavelengths of red light and infrared light (SaO2), according to the Beer-Lambert law, It is estimated that the ratio of R/IR and arteries. However, because biological tissues are optical systems with strong scattering, weak absorption, and anisotropy complex [2~4], they do not fully comply with the classic Beer-Lambert law, and therefore represent the absorbance of red light and infrared light. Relative changes of measured values (R/IR value) and arterial oxygen saturation) SaO2) Many pulse oximeter manufacturers obtain empirical standard curves through experimental methods, and complete the reservations before the products leave the factory.


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