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What material is white kraft paper made of?

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The main ingredient of white kraft paper machine: soft-leaf kraft bleached pulp; contains long fiber and short fiber. The long fiber used in my country's papermaking is generally imported. However, the largest producer is Chile, as well as Finland, the United States, Russia, and Sweden. . Because wood pulp can be directly made into paper in foreign countries, when my country imports wood pulp, in order to facilitate the transportation, all the wood pulp blocks are purchased, which are then melted during papermaking. During these processes, wood pulp loses a lot of water. Therefore, domestically produced wood pulp loses a lot of water. Paper is inferior to imported paper in terms of pulling strength, so my country is a big paper-making country, not a strong paper-making country.

Can kraft paper machine make food packaging paper? The main test is whether fluorescent agents are added to the paper. Fluorescence is a carcinogen, which can cause cell mutations and cancers when entering the human body for a long time. Generally, the paper before adding is white kraft paper, its whiteness does not exceed 85 degrees, generally 82, 83 degrees, and can be used for food packaging (011 white kraft paper has passed IMI food certification and QS certification); and after adding, the whiteness can reach Above 90 degrees.

    The main purpose

    1. Used to package food (natural white kraft paper)

    2. Making handbags, hand bags, shopping bags, (application weight often has 100G-200G)

    3. Make envelopes and archives (application weights are often 70G, 80G, 90G, mainly below 100G, try not to exceed 120G)



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