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What role does the shaft end gland of screw conveyor play?

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In the screw conveyors used in metallurgy, mining, chemical and other industries, the shaft end gland is widely used for packing sealing. Since the particle size of pulverized coal is 200 mesh, it belongs to fine powder and has certain fluidity. Therefore, due to the poor sealing of the shaft end of the conveyor head, a large amount of pulverized coal is often leaked. Asbestos packing, oil-impregnated felt, oil-impregnated asbestos rope, and flexible graphite rings have been used as sealing packing, but leakage control is not ideal. Every day, pulverized coal leaks around the equipment, which wastes and pollutes the environment and affects civilized production.

The test was carried out on a screw conveyor, that is, drilling, tapping, and installing a nozzle on the outer ring of the flange of the head packing gland, and two oil grooves were machined on the wall of the gland hole to communicate with the nozzle hole. Use a grease gun to press grease from the grease nipple into the grease sump to fill the gap between the shaft surface and the inner hole of the gland. The original asbestos packaging remains unchanged. This structure allows the pulverized coal to pass through more secondary seals to achieve a good sealing effect. After field testing, the conveyor with the grease nipple was significantly better than the unmodified conveyor. Practice has proved that this method is effective and can prolong the service life of the screw.

As a reminder, there are two things to keep in mind:

1. Grease must be filled in the gland every 3-4 days, otherwise, if the grease is consumed or dried up, the coal powder will still leak.

2. After each assembly and disassembly, after starting the machine for about a month, the gland screw must be tightened to make the packing and the shaft tightly fit. But there is no need to press too tightly, and the gland bolts can be adjusted later according to the actual situation.


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