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What should be paid attention to after the cutting machine is finished

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       1. After the work of the cross-cutting machine is finished, clean up the dust and paper dust on the equipment in time, check the cutter and the grinding wheel, drain the water in the oil water leveler and the gas storage tank, and check if there are any abnormalities in the operating parts. Then, cut off the power according to the operation requirements of the manual and maintain the computer operating system.

   2. Maintain and maintain well. First of all, daily maintenance should be in place. The principle is that lubrication, cleaning and cleaning (no dust and no debris) are in place to ensure that the sliding parts of the device are in good condition. Secondly, maintenance work, regular and irregular inspections of rotating parts (especially real-time monitoring of wearing parts).

   3. Implement regular adjustments, regular replacements, and make detailed records to achieve the purpose of extending the life of the equipment. The electrical parts should be cleaned and inspected regularly to eliminate hidden dangers in time. Use high-quality slitters and cross-cutting machine. Improve the technical quality and level of the operating personnel, and be responsible for the operation of the control part. No one can operate without permission.



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