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What should be paid attention to when using screw conveyor

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Screw Conveyor

The screw conveyor is a kind of mechanical technology and equipment that is widely used in the development of many related industries in modern enterprises. For example, in the management of China's food safety industry, it is responsible for bolting transportation between different floors. In many countries, the industry In terms of economy, the probability of our use is also relatively high. This kind of machine has horizontal and vertical styles, and from the perspective of other students, there are some other classifications. When choosing, you can directly choose according to your own actual needs. In the process of daily use, we must pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance work, so as to effectively promote the long-term transportation role of the machine

Pay attention to the daily use of the screw conveyor, the conveying volume should not exceed a larger limit, if it is, it will not only cause the material to be transported smoothly, but also may cause the screw shaft to bend or the box body damage. Normal use can not be completed.. For the machine bearings and Gears, chains and other parts should be checked regularly, and lubrication should be properly added.. If the machine is not in use, the wear of the blade must be checked. According to the serious wear, repair welding and other measures should be taken to ensure that the subsequent work can proceed smoothly. . If you hear a harsher sound from the machine during use, the machine should open the lid at this time to see where the problem is, and then take the corresponding measures. If the temperature of the transmission is relatively high, you should pay attention to expand the box to see if there is a card owner, and do not allow the high temperature to be damaged. Doing a good job in these aspects of maintenance can play a role in protecting the machine..


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