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Working principle of water centrifugal pump

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Water Centrifugal Pump

Working principle of water centrifugal pump.

Working principle: Fill with water before starting. When the motor drives the water pump impeller to rotate at high speed, the water in the impeller also rotates. Due to the centrifugal force, the water rushes into the inlet and outlet pipes along the tangential direction of the impeller's circumferential rotation. After the water is discharged A vacuum is formed near the rotating shaft in the pump casing. The water in the inlet pipe is pressed into the pump to fill the vacuum under the action of external pressure, so as long as the impeller keeps rotating, water will continuously enter the pump from the inlet pipe.

The basic structure of water centrifugal pump:

The impeller is the core part of the centrifugal pump. It has a high speed and a large output. The blades on the impeller play a major role. The impeller must pass a static balance experiment before assembly. The inner and outer surfaces of the impeller are required to be smooth to reduce the friction loss of the water flow.

The pump body is also called the pump housing, which is the main body of the pump. Play a supporting and fixing role, and connect with the bracket for mounting the bearing.

The role of the pump shaft is to connect the motor with the coupling, and transmit the torque of the motor to the impeller, so it is the main part of the transmission of mechanical energy.

The sliding bearing uses transparent oil as lubricant, add oil to the oil level line. Too much oil will seep out along the pump shaft, and too little bearing will overheat and burn out causing accidents! During the operation of the pump, the temperature of the bearing is up to 85°C, and it generally runs around 60°C.

The sealing ring is also called the leakage reducing ring.

The stuffing box is mainly composed of packing, water seal ring, packing tube, packing gland and water seal pipe. The function of the stuffing box is mainly to close the gap between the pump casing and the pump shaft, and prevent the water flow in the pump from flowing outside and the outside air from entering the pump. Always maintain the vacuum in the pump! When the pump shaft and the packing friction generate heat, the water seal pipes the water to the water seal ring to cool the packing! Maintain the normal operation of the pump. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the inspection of the stuffing box during the itinerant inspection of the pump operation! The packing should be replaced after 600 hours of operation.


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