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99M3 D Type Hydrapuler are ready for shipment.

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99M3 D Type Hydrapuler are ready for shipment. It is for 1000tpd capacity stock preparation line. According to technology change, customer changed drum pulper to D type hydrapulper.

D Type Hydrapule
D Type Hydrapule

Since the tank is too big, we cut it into 4 parts and then connect them with bolt and then customer weld at site. For smaller size hydrapulper, we can do tank without any cutting for customer can install easily at site without any welding or cut it into different parts for easy shipment and then reduce freight for customer. 

D type hydrapulper is suitable for intermittent or continuous breaking of OCC, commercial waste paper, etc. Heavy impurities are discharged in a separate waste settling box to prevent the equipment from being damaged by heavy metals and plastics can be removed.

A new type of Vokes rotor are adopted to enhance the hydraulic effect and improve efficiency of fiber fragmentation. The structure of D-type tank is adopted to change the eddy current form, increase the turbulence of the pulp flow in the hydrapulper, and make the paper bundle quickly immersed below the liquid level so as to improve the moving path of waste paper raw materials in the hydrapulper to improve the production capacity of the hydrapulper. It can shorten the breaking time, reduce energy consumption and improve the production capacity per unit volume.

D Type Hydrapule
D Type Hydrapule
D Type Hydrapule

Specification: 15 m3 ~ 100 m3 

Processing capacity: 80~1000TPD

Tank material: carbon steel, carbon steel inner lined with SS, or whole SS 


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