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A brief introduction to the replacement sequence of the toilet paper machine felt

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toilet paper machine

The toilet paper machine is a professional equipment for the production of toilet paper. According to the degree of automation, the toilet paper machine can be divided into: automatic toilet paper rewinder and semi-automatic toilet paper rewinder. According to different functions, the toilet paper machine can be divided into: toilet paper rewinder, toilet paper slitting machine. The following editor briefly introduces the replacement sequence of the toilet paper machine felt.

Replacement sequence of toilet paper machine felt:

1. Set the press roll

2. Set the west side felt roller

3. Set the east side felt roller

4. Set the bottom pattern roller

5. Set of other felt rollers

Precautions for replacing the felt of the toilet paper machine

1. When replacing the wool cloth, the post must be responsible for all-round work and directing the crane. When directing the crane, it is necessary to concentrate, keep close contact, and control accurately.

2. Be sure to check whether the wool cloth specification meets the requirements before replacement. Follow the direction of rotation and the arrow to replace it. Reverse sleeves are not allowed.

3. The squeezing roller must use a wire rope of ∮12mm or more, and the sling roll must use a wire rope of ∮10mm or more.

4. Be sure to loosen the tension roller to the top before putting on the wool cloth.

5. When the set of felt rollers need to be lifted by someone; they must be lifted by two or more people to prevent injury.

6. When covering the woolen cloth, it should be entered in a single layer, and it is not allowed to push it in a pile to avoid scratching the woolen cloth and the opposite direction of the covering.

7. Don't put your hands on the surface of the base when you set the press rolls, and pull in the wool cloth sideways to prevent the rolls from falling off and causing personal accidents.

8. After the wool cloth is covered, all parts must be checked and installed, the screws are fastened, and the wool cloth is smooth.

9. The new wool cloth should be properly tensioned and not too tight.

10. The scouring cloth must be washed.

11. After the work is completed, explain clearly to the shift, the shift is responsible for the inspection work and make all preparations for starting up.


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