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Tissue paper machine

These are related to the Tissue paper machine news, in which you can learn about the updated information in Tissue paper machine, to help you better understand and expand Tissue paper machine market. Because the market for Tissue paper machine is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • 2021-02-04

    What is the working principle of the paper machine equipment?
    After the paper sheet from the drying section is calendered by the calender, the smoothness, gloss and tightness of the paper sheet can be improved, the thickness of the whole paper sheet can be consistent, and the air permeability can be reduced; Rolling into a paper roll completes the main process of papermaking. In order to meet different needs in the future, there are also calenders, rewinders, paper cutters, etc. after the paper roll in the papermaking equipment workshop.
  • 2021-01-27

    The paper machine industry needs to improve energy saving and consumption reduction
    The modern paper machine industry has developed to this day, how to quickly realize energy saving and consumption reduction in production is one of the necessary ways for the development of the paper machine industry. The production of paper machine equipment can implement advanced key technologies and equipment by improving the structure of each operating unit, thereby realizing energy saving and reducing consumption, and ensuring the stable and rapid development of the paper machine industry.
  • 2021-01-25

    The cause of the vibration of the press roll of the paper machine
    The vibration of the paper machine, especially the high-speed paper machine press roll, is a headache and dangerous thing. The vibration of the press roll will inevitably lead to uneven dehydration of the paper in the press section, which will easily cause frequent paper breaks. Excessive vibration will limit the speed of the paper machine. If it causes resonance, it will directly affect the structural stability of the entire paper machine; Vibration will also produce harsh noise.
  • 2021-01-23

    A brief introduction to the replacement sequence of the toilet paper machine felt
    The toilet paper machine is a professional equipment for the production of toilet paper. According to the degree of automation, the toilet paper machine can be divided into: automatic toilet paper rewinder and semi-automatic toilet paper rewinder. According to different functions, the toilet paper machine can be divided into: toilet paper rewinder, toilet paper slitting machine. The following editor briefly introduces the replacement sequence of the toilet paper machine felt.
  • 2021-01-19

    Where can the wear and tear of the paper machine be more serious?
    What are the reasons for the wear of the paper machine? The complete set of equipment that makes the pulp form the division of the paper web is collectively called the paper machine, including the headbox, the wire section, the press section, the drying section, the calender, the reeling machine and the transmission section The main engine and auxiliary systems such as steam, water, vacuum, lubrication and heat recovery.
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