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Belt conveyor belt wear is serious

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belt conveyor

      The belt conveyor has the characteristics of long distance, large capacity and continuous conveying, and has been widely used and has become the main method of material conveying. From the perspective of the use of belt conveyors, belt investment accounts for about 80% of the belt conveyor maintenance costs. Therefore, the operating efficiency of the belt needs to strengthen belt maintenance, reduce belt investment, and increase belt accumulation, which are important aspects of reducing maintenance costs.


      From the perspective of the structure of the belt and the function of each part, the belt can be divided into two parts: core (stretch layer), upper and lower adhesives and side adhesives (protective layer). The core of the belt is the skeleton, the main function of which is the side glue and the top glue are the protective layer. Its function is mainly anti-wear, anti-corrosion, preventing direct impact of materials and buffering and protecting the core frame.

      From the actual usage, the main causes of belt damage are as follows:

1. Due to the squeezing of the belt conveyor or the transfer point in the system, the reduced buffer roller loses its elasticity. When a large piece of coal or ore falls from the top, a great impact will be formed and the belt will break. The upper covering of the fiber even ruptured the core, forming a cavity. Especially when sharp objects such as anchors are trapped in the material, it is easy to cut the belt, causing the belt length to tear.

2. Due to the defect of the inertia wheel during belt operation, the inertia wheel carrier is easy to scratch the belt.

3. When there are rollers at both ends of the belt, foreign matter will be mixed and damage the belt.

4. Edge wear. Mainly due to the expansion of the belt, the friction between the belt and the frame causes the edge to crack. After the edge of the belt is worn, water penetrates from the damaged place, the belt core gradually rots, and the steel wire core gradually corrodes and breaks.

5. Poor belt joints, uneven or uneven joints, resulting in uneven force and breakage of the belt.

6. Excessive belt tension can easily cause belt wear and premature damage.


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