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Characteristics of paper machine oil

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The cadres of the paper machine use a central lubrication station to transport lubricating oil to the bearings for lubrication and heat dissipation. The lubrication station of the dry section of the paper machine generally selects the standard universal model. Generally speaking, it has strong oil filtering ability and oil temperature control ability, such as magnetic filter, constant temperature control and so on.

Most of the modern carton industry uses corrugated paper machines as the main equipment. At present, most of the domestic corrugated paper machines are imported from China. No matter simple block-color patterns, full-color patterns or patterns with excessive colors, the paper-burning paper machine can be printed at one time, without plate making, printing and repeated color registration, beautiful colors, realistic effects, waterproof images, sun protection, and durability Strong abrasion adhesion, no fading, easy operation of the machine, stable performance, creating higher printing quality than traditional methods, fully meeting the high-intensity mass production requirements of various industries, thereby significantly improving the market competitiveness of your products. Papermaking equipment includes raw material preparation, pulping, papermaking, until it is made into rolls or flat sheets, and machinery for processing paper and cardboard.

The key lubrication component of the corrugated paper machine is the roller bearing. Its working temperature can reach over 180℃ and the instantaneous temperature can reach over 230℃. In such a high temperature environment, ordinary bearing grease has been difficult to meet the requirements of lubrication. A special high-temperature lubricant must be selected.


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