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Daily maintenance of paper machine

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With the increasing demand for various papers, which has driven the rapid development of the paper machine industry, Easttai paper machine has won the favor of customers with its efficient production efficiency, advanced design organization, and stable production. Then the maintenance of the paper machine in the process of use has also received everyone's attention. The details are as follows:

1. Since the paper machine needs to be produced in a clean place, the requirements for the production environment are very strict. If it is produced in dusty areas, the dust will adhere to the rollers, causing uneven paper output from the paper machine and the rough surface of the paper.

2. The important part of the paper machine is the bearing part. It is recommended to clean the bearing frequently and replace the lubricating oil to avoid excessive wear of the paper machine bearing and affect subsequent use.

3. The paper machine should organize the operators to conduct a small inspection every week, and the equipment must be cleaned from the inside to the outside; conduct a major inspection every month to prevent the pulp and paper from clogging the pipes of the paper machine.

4. The electrification system of the paper machine should be regularly maintained once a month to prevent the above possible situations.

Manufacturers must pay attention to the maintenance of paper machine, which is of great significance to normal production in the future.


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