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Do you know how to maintain papermaking machinery and equipment?

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Papermaking machinery

Papermaking machinery and equipment usually work in a high temperature and strong corrosive environment. Therefore, regular maintenance measures are very important. The way to ensure the safety and reliability of papermaking machinery is to strengthen the management of equipment and pay attention to regular maintenance.

Today, I will introduce the problems encountered in the daily maintenance.

1. Under normal circumstances, due to copper loss, iron loss and other reasons, the motor of papermaking equipment will generate a certain amount of heat during daily operation. With the increase of load and speed of rotation, the temperature will become higher and higher, while The bearing of the motor is exposed to a high temperature for a long time, which will affect the service life of the motor.

2. The motor will generate a lot of heat during operation. Usually, fan blades are used for ventilation and cooling in order to dissipate heat. However, in the process of ventilation, dust in the air will adhere to the lubricating grease, thus affecting the working performance of the lubricating oil. We can use the sealing method to isolate the lubricating oil from the outside world and reduce the impact of impurities on the bearing.

3. Maintenance of DC motor, DC motor can produce a wide range of continuously variable speed, and is used as a driving device for paper machines in the paper industry. The structure of DC motor is more complicated, and the maintenance requirements are higher. And brush maintenance is more important, improper selection will have a greater impact on the motor. Under normal circumstances, the selection of brushes should be made in strict accordance with the peripheral speed of the commutator, the current density of the brushes and other indicators. The brush model will do.


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