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Economic Analysis of Paper Machine Operation

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The paper machine should run within the speed range of the highest output:

Assuming that a well-designed paper machine has a good market for the product, the main factors affecting productivity and profitability are: papermaking rate, paper machine speed, and yield. In fact, these three terms represent the characteristics of a paper machine's operation.

The speed effect of the paper machine is very obvious. If all other factors remain unchanged, the speed of the paper machine is proportional to the output, and the operating efficiency is affected by many factors and is often seen as a reflection of the operating conditions and maintenance methods. Sometimes the operation efficiency of the paper machine is very high, but if you are unwilling to increase the speed, the overall productivity is still not high. Generally speaking, although production failures, repairs and clothing wear increase with vehicle speed, the impact of these factors on productivity and profit margins is secondary compared to vehicle speed, so the paper machine should be within the speed range of the highest output. run.

Time loss or output loss of paper machine:

There are many factors for the time loss of paper machine production or operation, which directly affect the paper machine output loss. These factors are as follows:

① Production interruption: paper break, roll paper and calender problems, start up, change the product;

②Overhaul shutdown: mechanical overhaul, electrical overhaul, and instrument overhaul;

③Mending or replacement of nets and blankets: forming nets, press felts, dry blankets, paper lead ropes;

④Influence from service department: suspension or shortage of electricity, steam, air, pulp, etc.;

⑤ Loss outside the machine: the paper roll is cut off the edge, and the rewinder is damaged.

Generally speaking, the time loss of production interruption is regarded as the loss of operating time, and the time loss caused by the maintenance shutdown is the loss of repair time. The time loss of the carpet is caused by the repair or replacement of the net, and the time loss caused by the influence of the service department is the time loss. It is not the problem of the paper machine itself.

For a paper machine, time loss must be minimized to reduce output loss and obtain good economic benefits.


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