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Feature of paper machine oil

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The working environment of the paper machine is humid and high temperature, and some equipment is also accompanied by impact loads. Therefore, the choice of lubricant mainly considers its emulsification, water resistance, heat-resistant oxidation stability and load resistance. Let the editor give you a brief introduction to the characteristics and recommendations of paper machine oil:

In principle, the lubrication points of the paper machine are closed. The bearings of the wet part of the paper machine from the headbox to the press part are all sealed bearing shells, which are designed to be waterproof and impregnated, thereby causing cross contamination with grease overflow.

Due to the high operating temperature, the cadre of the paper machine adopts a central lubrication station, which uses pressure to transport lubricating oil to the bearings for lubrication and heat dissipation. The lubrication station of the dry section of the paper machine generally selects the standard universal model. Generally, it has strong oil filtering ability and oil temperature control ability. Magnetic filter and constant temperature control are more suitable.

The modern carton industry mostly uses corrugated paper machine as the main equipment. At present, most of the domestic corrugated paper machines are imported from other countries. The key lubrication part of the corrugated paper machine is the roller bearing. Its working temperature can reach above 180℃, and the instantaneous temperature can reach above 230℃. Under such high temperature environment, ordinary bearing grease can hardly meet the lubrication requirements, and special products must be selected. High temperature lubricant.


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