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Features and benefits of Drilled Screen Basket

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Drilled Screen Basket


1.Increase the open area, save the energy consumption and the operating cost.

2.Patent profile screen bars can increase the efficiency for specific pulp and increase the velocity of pulp through the screen cylinder.

3.Specially designed for high quality paper product, it can remove the contaminants such as: spots, sticky, and hot melt adhesive etc. in order to improve the efficiency and quality of paper machines.


1.Reducing the total cost of screening

We have thoroughly analyzed the costs of screening for a variety of furnishes and how these costs relate to one another. We have the experience and the products to attack the major cost factors –helping you reduce the total cost of screening without sacrificing reliability or performance.

2.Reducing energy

Drilled Screen Basket energy consumption is primarily a function of rotor speed and design. Optimizing Sinostar wire shape with the existing rotor can significantly reduce the screen Thickening Factor (TF). A lower TF will result in better screen runnability.

Often the existing rotor speed can then be reduced, saving energy without diminishing screening efficiency or capacity.

3.Improving capacity

Reducing wire width increases the open area of the screen cylinder without reducing slot size. The result is a screen with significantly higher capacity and no loss in efficiency.We have the largest selection of narrow wires available.

4.Increasing efficiency

Both the wire width and profile shape can be optimized to improve efficiency, based upon the contaminant that is targeted for removal. The screen cylinder's open area determines the passing velocity, which influences the removal of deformable debris (stickies). Smaller debris is more effectively screened out by utilizing smaller slots.

Application: Drilled Screen Basket Suitable for various pressure screens in pulping and papermaking systems.


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