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Features of Spiral Dryer Screen

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Spiral Dryer Screen is a special engineered paper machine fabric in the drying field of paper mills. It is also widely used in food drying, non-woven conveying, printing textile drying and many other industries. The spiral link dryer fabric has the characteristics of continuous seamless screen, excellent strength, abrasion resistance and deformation resistance, and larger and adjustable ventilation.

Spiral dryer screen

1. The unique seamless spiral link screen surface is very suitable for marking sensitive paper dry sections and applications where seams are unacceptable. Each spiral loop can be a joint, and the seam is the same as the fabric body itself. It is easy to install and maintain to reduce downtime and extend the life of the joints, thereby saving costs, because as we all know, the joint is always the weak point of the circuit belt.

2. Bonfilt's spiral fabric belt for dryer paper is made of high-viscosity PET yarn and anti-hydrolysis masterbatch additives, which has better durability and longer service life. Ordinary polyester yarn is easily corroded and degraded by heated steam, and then becomes brittle. The belt fabric of the integral dryer must be replaced. Under hot (100c-170c) dry working conditions, the service life of the anti-hydrolysis masterbatch additive is 2-4 times that of ordinary polyester.

3. Compared with woven dryer fabric, Spiral Dryer Screen belt has higher air permeability and drying efficiency. Permeability is a key parameter of the dryer fabric. Under the same working conditions, the spiral dry fabric has higher air permeability than other dry fabrics, which can help reduce the steam pressure in the drying cylinder, or achieve a faster speed under the same pressure. In addition, the special spiral structure allows the dry cloth to have a larger contact area to improve heat transfer. All of these help to improve drying efficiency and save at least 10% of energy costs, which is more economical.

4. The surface of the Spiral Dryer Screen belt fabric is smooth and smooth, without marking the surface of the paper.

5. Spiral Dryer Screen fabric made of polyester fiber has excellent strength and abrasion resistance, thanks to the unique structure and strength of Bonfilt's excellent PET material. It can withstand greater tensile strength, bring the sheet closer to the dry area, and ensure that the sheet has even moisture and shrinkage, so as to obtain a high-quality product.

6. After a good heat setting treatment, Bonfilt's dryer fabric is strong, dimensionally stable and has excellent deformation resistance, and always runs smoothly without deformation.


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