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High-consistency pulper

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high consistency refiner

High-consistency pulper is mainly used in the waste paper deinking process, using three paper spiral rotors, breaking waste paper under the condition of high temperature and high consistency, and basically do not reduce wastepaper pulp properties. High-consistency pulper has the advantages of large production capacity, low power consumption, easy maintenance, etc. It has become one of the indispensable pulping equipment in the waste paper pulping production.

Advantages of high-consistency pulper

1.Using Turret multi – helical rotor, rapid cycling of pulp, and strong ability in defibering;

2.Energy-saving, less chemicals required;

3.High consistency to break pulp, small impurities, and high deinking efficiency;

4.Compact structure, easy to operate and maintenance.

Working principle of high-consistency pulper

Our vertical high-consistency pulper absorbs and integrates the latest pulping technology from abroad and is developed in combination with the national conditions. It is used in the waste paper pulp production line under high concentration conditions. When adding chemicals, ink particles and impurities can be separated from the fiber, thus using waste paper to produce high whiteness pulp. This machine is designed according to the principle of the hydraulic vortex, rotor adopts the structure of the double-head spiral and flying knife combination when the rotor is rotating, the high -concentration pulp does radial circulation movement, promote the waste paper to accelerate hydration, defibering. In the process of operation, the waste paper is always in a high concentration of the fiber, so that the fiber and fiber will produce friction between each other, easy to make ink particles and chemical additives and fiber separation, achieve the purpose of recycling. In addition, the rotor blade is an oblique helix, Shear plate is weak, only plays the role of stripping for the impurities in the waste paper, will not form a fine chip, which creates favorable conditions for pulp screening.


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