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How paper machines shape paper

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Paper is a necessities of people's daily life and plays an indispensable role in our production, life and work. Next, Tianyang will introduce how the paper machine makes paper and makes the paper into shape. First understand the working process of the paper machine.

Paper machine discharge process: discharge is a network formed by water flow, and its flow direction is basically, but not completely perpendicular to the network plane. The printing machine can make color patterns on any material surface, printing fast, one print. Metal, ceramics, crystal, glass, acrylic, PVC, plastic, toys, leather, U disk, fabric, silicon and other soft and hard objects. Can be printed on printers. It is characterized by a change in speed over time. The main function of drainage is to dehydrate the fiber suspension, so that the fibers in the pulp are deposited in the network to form an accumulation layer.

The discharge of the paper machine is carried out by two mechanisms: filtration and concentration. The paper machine is dehydrated through the screen to form a pulp water suspension that meets the requirements of papermaking, and is mechanically squeezed, dehydrated and dried. The paper machine includes three main parts: forming, pressing and drying, equipped with necessary decoration, coiling and transmission devices, as well as auxiliary systems such as slurry supply, slurry and white water circulation, vacuum, ventilation and exhaust, paper damage treatment and lubrication, and automatic control. . The wet paper sheet after being pressed and formed by the paper burning machine is further dehydrated. It consists of two hard and soft roller surfaces, such as stone rollers and rubber rollers. Extrusions include extrusions of the same shape or different shapes, including vacuum suction devices. When pressing, support the page with a cloth of appropriate specification, which can press the pressure evenly, take away the water squeezed by the pressing, increase the pressure, and improve the dehydration capacity of the pressing. Filtered fibers in suspension can move or move freely without disturbance. When draining under the filtration mechanism, the deposited fibrous sediment has a well-defined boundary with the fine suspension close to the sediment, and the concentration of the undischarged suspension on the sediment remains basically unchanged.

1. The discharge of the filtration mechanism has two effects on the formation of the paper: uniform distribution and layer-by-layer deposition.

Since the discharge current always has a larger flow on the path with less resistance, more movable fibers are brought to the place with less resistance, i.e., the fiber deposition is thinner. This gives the buildup a tendency to grow uniformly, which is the effect of uniform distribution. Due to the drainage effect of the filtration mechanism, the monomer fibers are deposited layer by layer in the network, so that the interlacing and intercalation of fibers in the sedimentary layer structure is relatively less, and the layers are obvious. This is a layer of deposition.

2. The concentration occurs when the fibers are entangled with each other and the fibers are not easy to move. At this time, there is no clear boundary between the accumulation layer and the suspension, and the closer the suspension concentration is, the higher the suspension concentration is. Like the sediment layer, the fibrous network in the suspension also compresses gradually with increasing concentration. Filtration is the primary mechanism for suspended emissions. However, filtration and concentration also exist. From the point of view of the enrichment mechanism, these two emission mechanisms are only local and temporary.


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