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How to choose lubricating oil for paper machine

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        Most industrial machinery and equipment need lubricants, and the equipment can work normally if lubricants are added. For our paper machine, due to the heavy workload of the equipment production process, it also needs a lot of lubricants. When we choose lubricants To choose the right one, please note the following when choosing.

        To know how to use lubricating oil, we need to understand the basic components of a paper machine. It has two parts, dry and wet, and its load is relatively large, the working speed is very fast for a long time, and the requirements for filterability are also high. Yes, and more importantly, it takes a long time to run, and the cadres can use circulating lubrication. Secondly, for paper machine equipment, the selected lubricant must have good stability. Of course, stability includes a wide range of aspects, such as thermal stability, stable viscosity, and good corrosion resistance. Wait. Only after the equipment has these various performances, can it be better used together. Later, after purchasing the lubricant, we also need to know which parts of the paper machine it is suitable for and use it properly. Generally speaking, special attention should be paid to transmission gearboxes, sliding bearings, steel wire ropes and other parts. If the sliding position is not lubricated, the efficiency of the work will be seriously affected.

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