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How to choose the right paper machine

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How to choose the paper machine that suits you?

1. It is necessary to determine the type of paper machine equipment to be purchased and the choice of raw materials, because no matter what paper machine it is, the equipment model is different, the production capacity is different, and the price is different; the raw material is different, the equipment configuration is also different, and the price is also different. Same. Usually the users who choose toilet paper paper machine are the most commonly used type 1575, 1760 and 1880. Moreover, these types of equipment are not large in size, have good production efficiency, and require little investment. They have stable performance and fully automated operations.

2. Understand the production speed of the paper machine and the embossing and punching performance of the equipment. Because the production speed determines the production capacity of the equipment, and embossing and punching is an important indicator to determine the quality of the equipment and products, it will also affect the sales of the products.

3. Be sure to understand the model and price of the paper machine. The equipment produced by each paper-making machinery and equipment manufacturer is of different quality and uneven. Of course, the price difference is very large, so that it causes a lot of choices for many users. Here we need to tell those friends who are starting their own business for the first time, "cheap is not good, good is not cheap" Although the price difference is a little bigger, but the equipment configuration is different, the product quality is even more different, in fact It can be seen in the processing technology of paper-making machinery and equipment. I believe that everyone's eyes are sharp. Don't be greedy for cheap, so that you buy a pile of scrap iron, and then regret it too late.

4. The last thing is the after-sales service of the manufacturer. Professional manufacturers must have good after-sales service, so that we can relieve all our worries. After-sales service is very important, because they can provide professional maintenance services for the majority of users. Only in this way can our paper machine equipment be produced normally, and the quality of the products produced by users can also be guaranteed!


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