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How to deal with the error of the belt conveyor correctly?

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belt conveyor

      Many consumers sometimes use belt conveyors to display errors. When there is an error in the belt conveyor, it should cause everyone's concern. To solve this problem easily, the editor of Shandong Easttai will take you to come and understand together

      Observe the horizontal movement of the belt conveyor and the vertical movement of the belt conveyor. If the belt conveyor value exceeds 3mm, it should be adjusted with the roller sleeves on both sides of the long and thin industrial equipment. The specific method is which side of the belt conveyor is skewed, which side of the guide roller group is on the conveyor belt in the correct direction, or the other side is moved backward.

      Check the design error of the two plan drawings of the top of the belt conveyor and the protective cover of the machining tool post. If the reason for the deviation of the two plan designs exceeds mm, the two plan designs shall be adjusted within the same plan design.

      The adjustment method of the head roller is: if the belt conveyor runs away from the right side of the drum, the spherical bearing on the right side of the drum should move forward or the left spherical bearing should move backward; if the conveyor belt runs away from the left side of the drum, the left side of the drum The spherical bearing should move forward or the right spherical bearing should move backward. The above-mentioned tail roller is adjusted by the reverse method of the above-mentioned head roller.

      Check the orientation of the raw materials on the belt conveyor. Raw materials do not have a management plan for the cross section of the conveyor belt, which will cause the conveyor belt to deviate in the direction. The raw materials are on the right, and the conveyor belt runs on the left, and vice versa. If it is possible, the raw material should be centered vertically. It is convenient to reduce or prevent the error of this type of belt conveyor, and can lift the partition to change the orientation and orientation of the raw materials.


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