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How to deal with the waste residue produced by the paper machine

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Paper machine

      Any papermaking equipment, such as a paper machine, will produce a lot of waste residues during use. The emergence of these papermaking waste residues is owned by every manufacturer. If the manufacturer irresponsibly treats the waste residues directly as garbage, it will cause great damage to the environment. Therefore, Shaolin Machinery takes a responsible attitude to conduct secondary treatment of papermaking waste residue in paper machine production, so that it can be reused and contribute to the production of society.

The waste slag produced in the production of paper machine is a very good raw material for aerated concrete. Adding some other auxiliary materials in it can form a new type of wall material. The formation of paper machine waste residue is mainly produced after combustion in the boiler, and two residues, ash and slag, can be produced. From the perspective of comprehensive utilization, the management and comprehensive utilization of fly ash need to be paid more attention to. In the early days, manufacturers threw away the waste in order to save troubles, which directly polluted the surrounding environment, and more seriously polluted the water source and caused great damage. With the development of science and technology, the secondary use of waste residues is valued, not only can protect it. Environment, and can bring economic benefits, such a virtuous cycle, the waste residue produced by the paper machine is well utilized.

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