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How to distinguish Stainless Steel mesh that needs effective protection

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① Stretched stainless steel screen: It is made of high-quality Stainless Steel mesh by punching or stretching, so it is also called stainless steel stretched mesh or stainless steel expanded mesh, stainless steel punched mesh, stainless steel expanded mesh can be used for escalators, passages, mines, locomotives , Roads, municipal facilities, and residential quarters.

②Flat-top stainless steel screen: using high-quality high-carbon steel and manganese steel as raw materials, it has the characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, high toughness, seismic and tensile resistance, no interference, and the screen penetration rate is better than that of steel screen. It is used in large-scale stone processing, asphalt mixing plant, stainless steel mesh coal mine, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries.

③Corrugated type: There are two kinds of single wire screen and double wire screen. The hole diameter of single wire is generally small, the wire is thicker, and the sieve penetration rate is better than that of the steel screen (with edging, not edging flat type), and the diameter of the double wire is too small. It is large, thin, flexible when used, and has better wear resistance than monofilament heavy-duty screens, and the price is lower than monofilament heavy-duty screens, which is economical and applicable.

④Crimped stainless steel screen: It is made of high-quality steel wire, stainless steel wire, iron wire, galvanized wire and other materials before weaving, two-way bending, two-way wave isolation bending, one-way bending, also known as stainless steel crimped wire mesh.

Stainless Steel mesh is relaxing. For our quality of life, the most difficult thing is, of course, it will be particularly rest assured to disturb our quality of life. Then the editor wants to convey who is pursuing quality and quantity Pros and cons, stainless steel mesh is the weather for us when we are buying casual products.

The absorption of Stainless Steel mesh. Generally speaking, for the masses of smart cars, it is best to buy non-branded milliampere absorption. Although some people emphasize that the larger the power bank, the better the quality. In fact, the greater the absorption of the stainless steel mesh, the greater the profit of the process. The more stainless steel mesh will increase, and the minimum interruption of the birth will be greater.

If the environment is too bad, Stainless Steel mesh may rust. In fact, stainless steel will also rust. Under normal circumstances, stainless steel will not rust, but if the surrounding environment is bad, or if it is maintained during use If it is not appropriate, the stainless steel may rust. The stainless steel mesh relies on a very thin, strong, dense and stable chromium-rich oxide film (protective film) formed on the surface to prevent oxygen atoms from continuing to penetrate and continue to oxidize. , And get the ability to resist rust.


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