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How to improve the use time of the pulp pump?

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Pulp Pump

Pulp pumps are widely used in petrochemical, coal chemical and other chemical industries to transport liquids of different properties and provide the pressure and flow required for chemical reactions. There are many types of pulp pumps, which can be divided into acid pumps, alkali pumps, clean water pumps, mud pumps, etc. according to the nature of the conveying medium. The working temperature and working pressure of the conveying medium are different. Therefore, it can effectively prolong the service period of the pulp pump and reduce the maintenance amount, which has a great effect on improving the economic efficiency of the factory.

 1. Selection and installation of pulp pump

The pulp pump should be selected according to the liquid to be transported, and the required performance should be checked, and the suction and discharge conditions should be analyzed, whether it is intermittent operation or continuous operation, etc. Pulp pumps should usually be operated at or close to the pressure and flow conditions designed and specified by the manufacturer.

2. The use of pulp pump

The test operation of the pump should meet the following requirements: the steering of the driving machine should be the same as that of the pump; find out the steering of the pipeline pump and the coaxial pump; the fixed connection parts should not be loose, and the lubrication parts should be filled with the specification and quantity of lubricant It should meet the requirements of the equipment technical documents; the parts with pre-lubrication requirements should be pre-lubricated according to the regulations; all indicating instruments and safety protection devices should be sensitive, accurate and reliable;

    Pay attention to the following points when operating the pulp pump:

1. It is forbidden to run without water, do not adjust the suction port to reduce the displacement, and it is forbidden to run under too low flow;

2. Monitor the operation process, completely prevent the stuffing box from leaking, and use new stuffing when replacing the stuffing box;

3. Ensure that the mechanical seal has a sufficient flushing water flow, and excessive water flow is prohibited for water-cooled bearings;

4. Do not use too much lubricant;

    Follow the recommended cycle to check. Establish operating records, including operating hours, adjustment and replacement of fillers, adding lubricants and other maintenance measures and time. The suction and discharge pressure, flow rate, input power, temperature of washing liquid and bearing, and vibration of the pulp pump should be measured and recorded regularly.


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