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How to operate the paper machine in daily maintenance to effectively improve the life of the equipment

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Paper machine

As a medium-sized equipment in the paper industry, the paper machine is unable to promote the growth of my country’s paper industry. However, in reality, the paper machine will be affected by various reasons. It has always reduced the service life of the paper machine. A certain loss was formed. Shaolin Machinery has been engaged in the production of paper-making machines for many years, and has its own views on the different achievements of paper-making equipment, especially how to extend the service life of equipment.

  1. The influence of temperature on the paper machine: In the event, it is necessary for the operator to review the status of the cooling system of the papermaking equipment on a regular basis to prevent the equipment from stopping overloading work under low temperature conditions. The usual abnormal application is to wait for the equipment to reach a certain temperature. Then stop things later; other things must prevent the paper machine equipment from stopping things at low temperatures. Whether it is low temperature or low temperature, it will cause great damage to the equipment itself. You may not see it in a short time, but long-term carelessness will affect the application life of papermaking equipment.

  2. The impact of corrosion on paper machines: Because of the signs of corrosion on paper machines caused by rain, snow, air pollution, etc., users should take effective preventive measures based on weather and air pollution to reduce the impact of chemical corrosion on paper machines. Prevent extending the service life of the paper machine.

  3. The impact of impurities on the paper machine: According to our long-term inquiry, when the impurity in the Ruihua Garden of the paper machine increases to 0.15%, the wear level will increase by 2.5 times, and the life of the paper machine will be reduced by 50%. Once these materials stop outside the machine, the hazards are quite large.

  From the above content, you can see that the factors that affect the life of the paper machine are often very small, and in a short period of time, it is not possible to see the consequences.


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