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How to properly disassemble the bearings in paper machinery and equipment?

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How to properly disassemble the bearings in paper machinery and equipment?

The bearings in papermaking machinery and equipment are equivalent to the joints on the human body. Although they are relatively small, their role cannot be ignored. If they are repaired and replaced, improper operation will cause the normal use of papermaking machinery and equipment. Today, Zhucheng Tiangong Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. will take you to understand how to disassemble the bearing correctly.

The equipment should reach the inner ring of the bearing with the hook of the saw, and cannot hang it on the outer ring to avoid damage to the bearing due to excessive loosening. When using the puller, use the rod to align the hole of the bearing without skewing, and pay attention to the force between the puller and the bearing. Do not use excessively to damage the puller and the bearing to prevent the puller from slipping. The angle of the feet should be less than ninety degrees. Use the press to push the bearing, the work is stable and reliable, and the machine bearing is not damaged. The focus point of the press should be on the middle line of the bearing without deviation. Use the hot disassembly method to disassemble the close fitting bearing. First, pour the oil heated to about 100 ℃ on the bearing to be disassembled with an oil pot. After the bearing ring is heated and expanded, the bearing is pulled out with a puller. The traction gear should be installed on the bearing to be disassembled, and a certain pulling force should be applied; before heating, the shaft should be wrapped with cotton rope or thin iron plate to prevent the shaft from being heated, otherwise it will be difficult to disassemble. Only heat the bearing box housing holes, not the bearings; when oiling, pour a kettle on the bearing ring or drum paper machine smoothly and place a basin under it to collect hot oil to avoid waste and burns; operator Asbestos gloves should be worn to prevent burns.


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