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Introduction to belt conveyor and its working principle

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belt conveyor

Regarding the belt conveyor, this is a kind of machinery that is also known as a belt conveyor. This kind of equipment is mainly used in household appliances, electronic products, and some electrical appliances. It is effective in machinery and other industries. It is widely used in the assembly of belt conveyor objects, as well as testing, packaging, and transportation. This belt conveyor can be divided into several modes of operation when the glands are conveying, for example, several ordinary continuous continuous operation, tempo operation, variable speed operation, etc. There are a variety of control methods. This kind of glands can be selected due to geological conditions. It can be in the form of a straight line, a curve or a slope. In addition, these conveying equipment include information about this economical type. Logistics transportation equipment, food processing, and chemical medicine are all widely used.

Regarding this belt conveyor, it is a way of movement in the form of friction. This way can have a frame and some conveyor belts when transporting materials. The main thing is that it can be moved The material is on a certain conveying line, from the initial feeding to the final end, it is a kind of conveying process, which can be used for the conveying of some broken materials, and some can be used for the conveying of finished items, etc. Generally speaking, the friction machinery of this kind of transportation is mainly composed of a frame, a conveyor belt and a roller. The main thing is to allow people to carry on the conveying line on the material. , This month can achieve a material transportation process, so that people can more complete the assembly line. In fact, in addition to this, some of them, such as coal, some gravel, cement, fertilizer, and grain can all be transported. In this case, they can be used within a certain range to achieve a certain effect. Regarding belt conveying The scope of application of the machine is horizontal transportation and inclined transportation, which is very convenient.

Regarding the working principle of the belt conveyor, it adopts a roller that can use the conveyor and then move on the two ends, and let one end of it on the must-drink conveyor belt, and the roller becomes the driving roller There is another one about the reversing roller. In short, the driven roller is driven by the reducer to drag it between a certain amount of friction, so that it can generally be at the discharge end to increase its traction. , And then facilitate the dragging, so that the material can be fed to the feeding end.


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