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Maintenance of paper machine

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At present, pollution-free paper machines are very popular in the paper machine industry. The reason is that environmental protection awareness has increased and polluting equipment has been gradually eliminated. After a period of use, we must inspect and maintain pollution-free paper machines to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

1. Inspection of mechanical properties. When the non-polluting paper machine is in use, many parts have certain mechanical properties. In order to make these properties to be used in a balanced manner, a series of parallel state, spring metrics, etc. need to be carried out. Check and repair it to ensure that it is working properly.

2. Inspect for hidden defects, you must know that the paper machine manufacturer has many hidden defects, such as internal slag, cavities, etc., when inspecting it, you must pay attention to not removing hidden defects. Omission.

3. It is necessary to check the geometric accuracy of the part. When it is in use, the geometric accuracy or shape and position will change. When it is maintained, it needs to be checked emphatically to ensure that it will not appear during use. Error phenomenon. Generally, the roundness, angle, parallelism, etc. will be checked during maintenance.

4. In the inspection of surface quality, it is necessary to know that when the paper machine is used for a long time, some parts will be damaged, scratched, burned, napped, etc., and maintenance should be carried out in time for these phenomena.

If the paper machine fails, we must find a professional manufacturer's maintenance team to repair it. After all, this is a big guy, and it is still more troublesome to repair. The editor still hopes that there will be fewer failures and more prosperous business!


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