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Overhaul and maintenance of paper machine

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With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the paper industry has also developed. In the paper production process, a large number of paper machines are used, and mechanical failures will inevitably occur. At this time, measures should be taken in time and the correct maintenance method should be selected to ensure that the papermaking equipment can operate normally and safely.


A typical feature of modern Paper machine failures.

The typical characteristics of modern Paper machine failures mainly include: the complexity of causality, hidden failure points and the uncertainty of related factors. These three characteristics are discussed in detail below.

1. The complexity of causes and consequences.

In terms of failures, symptoms, and causes of mechanical systems, there are overlapping parts. Generally, when a mechanical system fails, there are many causes. For example, the speed of the hydraulic drive element is too slow, the load is too large, the lubrication is poor, and the guide rail error is large. Similarly, a fault source can reflect multiple symptoms; a symptom can also be caused by multiple fault sources.

2. The point of failure is not obvious.

Some faults occur inside the mechanical system, such as system failure and damage, which are often caused by the inside of the mechanical system. At present, the domestic papermaking machinery system is becoming more and more complicated, but it lacks effective detection equipment. It is time-consuming and laborious to remove the cause of failure, which also increases the difficulty of judging the cause of the failure to a certain extent. Nowadays, the most effective method for judging symptoms is to observe directly with the naked eye; in addition, there are many reasons that cause mechanical failures, so it is difficult to analyze mechanical failures.

3. Uncertain related factors.

In the daily operation of the paper machine, due to the failure of the mechanical system, various reasons are caused, such as the voltage change of the power grid, the temperature change of the machine and the intrusion of pollutants. The uncertainty of related factors is also manifested in other aspects such as non-steady state, nonlinear and non-Gaussian distribution. The invisible fault characteristics formed by such faults will lead to situations in which the source of mechanical faults cannot be accurately determined.


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