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Paper machine blade maintenance

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Once a paper machine enters the maintenance period, the doctor blade is often easily overlooked. But some simple routine maintenance can keep this device running efficiently and continuously.

1. The first very effective routine is to replace the doctor blade as often as needed. When the blade is worn, the angle with the roller will change, thus reducing the cleaning efficiency of the blade, and the blade needs to be replaced when the width of the blade is worn 6mm to 12mm.

2. The second important component that needs attention is the scraper frame. Any damage to the scraper frame will affect the pressure between the scraper and the roller. The damaged scraper frame should be replaced in time.

3. During each inspection, the pressing device and the swing device in the operation of the paper machine should be carefully checked. When defects are found, they should be repaired.

One of the most effective ways to check for blade problems is to visually inspect the blade.

Although the scraper seems to be a simple set of paper machine equipment and the investment is not too large, its role is not small at all. Cleaning, extending the paper machine cleaning cycle and fabric life, maintaining the normal operation of the paper machine and stable paper quality, etc., resulting in huge benefits. Of course, in order to achieve these goals, it is still necessary to invest energy in peacetime, find abnormalities of the scraper during inspections, arrange for treatment in time, and keep the scraper in good working condition.


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