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Paper machine needs daily cleaning

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The beating process of the paper machine production line is very important. The beating machine is the main equipment involved in the beating process. Why is beating important? This is mainly because the process flow of the beating machine determines the main quality and quality of the paper.

Now the paper machine's beater equipment pays more attention to the production quality. For the slurry system, auxiliary material system equipment and pipe inner walls, wet end racks, stick nets and other components, no contaminants are allowed to appear, especially those that affect production quality. Impurities are not allowed to appear.

Any flocculation in the wet part of the paper machine will cause paper defects such as holes or broken fingers in the non-passing part. Therefore, it is very important to reduce or clean up the pulp in time. This shows that the paper machine production line is kept clean daily and cleaned regularly. Homework is very necessary.


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