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Production process and principle of paper machine

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paper machine

The production process and structure principle of the paper machine manufacturer's equipment. First, let's take a look at the production process of the equipment. After sizing, filling, and purification, the pulp of suitable consistency is poured into the pulp flow equipment of the equipment. In addition, after the paper is distributed and smoothed by the pulp flow distributor and the pulp flow box.

The paper flows uniformly and steadily to the surface of the moving forming wire. After the pulp flows onto the web, it is filtered and dewatered to form a continuous wet paper web. When these wet paper webs are dehydrated and dried to a certain extent, they are removed from the paper. The web is separated and sent to the press section for further dehydration.

Next, let’s look at the structural principle of the paper machine equipment. It can actually be regarded as a linkage composed of multiple equipment. It is usually divided into two parts, the wet part and the dry part. The wet part is the slurry flow equipment, the wire part, and the press part. , And the cadre includes dryers, calenders and reels.

In order to maintain the good performance of the press felt, a felt washing device is usually installed on the press roll. After pressing, it can reach a dryness of 40%. The above is the production process and structure principle of paper machine equipment introduced for you, you can refer to it. If you have any questions later, you can consult our company.


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