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Requirements for lubricating oil in various parts of paper machine

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paper machine

The modern paper machine is a behemoth with a high degree of integration, including four main parts: the forming part or the wire part, the pressing part, the drying part, and the rewinding part. Affected by harsh conditions such as water, heat, steam, pulp, etc., each part has special lubrication requirements according to equipment working conditions and operating speeds.

1. Most of the bearings in the forming section of the paper machine should be lubricated with grease, which can effectively avoid the intrusion of moisture;

2. The bearing of the press section of the paper machine is usually lubricated with grease and circulating lubricating oil according to the size and speed of the bearing;

3. The bearings in the drying section of the paper machine are exposed to high temperature environments for a long time, and the fast-running bearings have a high steam temperature that poses a challenge to the way of lubricating oil and oil delivery;

4. The bearing of the rewinding section of the paper machine works in a relatively good environment, and the same lubricating oil as the circulating lubrication system of the drying section is usually selected.


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