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Requirements for the use of paper machine

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The operating procedures of the paper machine are as follows:

1. Preparations for inspection before starting up: all employees wear work clothes, protective shoes and work caps before starting operations; it is strictly forbidden to wear ornaments, rings, watches, etc.; check the status of the equipment before operation and whether the equipment is safe to shut down and whether it is normal; turn on the power switch and send power Turn on the compressed air switch to see whether the button status of the equipment is correct; check whether the induced air and cooling water temperature system work normally.

2. Production operation rules: special materials are required, cut-resistant gloves should be used to polish the scraper; the equipment needs to be turned on to notify the relevant personnel to pay attention; the paper machine cannot touch the guide roller with hands during operation, and do not wear gloves to scrub the ink at both ends ; After starting the machine, if you want to adjust the scraper or pick the knife line, you need to take care of the machine; if there is foreign matter on the rubber roller during operation, you need to stop and dispose of it; do not use your hand to cut off the film when the paper fails. Layout; clear the ink in the air at any time to prevent the operator from falling.

3. Safety inspection after the end of consumption: reset all the paper machine buttons; press down the press roller switch. The rubber roller is locked; turn off the switch and tighten the air; take all the original materials and ink back to the warehouse and do not leave the machine to clear the air in time .


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