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Requirements of Pulp equipment in paper machine

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Pulp equipment

Paper machine production line has matching Pulp equipment. Pulp equipment plays an important role in the production line of papermaking equipment. Its main purpose is to crush waste paper raw materials and make pulp. The efficiency and quality of the beating equipment is directly related to whether the raw material pulp is qualified. Therefore, we must have sufficient understanding of the beating equipment of the paper-making type beating machine.

For Paper machine’s Pulp equipment, basic production requirements are required:

1). The slurry is in good condition. After mechanical finishing, the shape of the pulp fiber meets the requirements of paper bonding.

2). According to the different requirements of the beating process, the tooth profile and tooth groove shape of the grinding teeth are different, and the intermittent grinding of the teeth can be adjusted.

3). The utility model has the advantages of wear resistance, energy saving, small size, simple structure and easy maintenance.

4). The superposition of the beating mechanism and the slurry chamber structure is conducive to uniform force under high-speed operation conditions and ensures the stability of the beating equipment structure.

For any Paper machine, only if it meets the basic production requirements can it have its existence value.


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