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Several factors in the formation of paper industry in the papermaking process of papermaking machinery and equipment

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1. If the dewatering capacity of the cage is allowed to be formed, the concentration of the headbox should be reduced.

2. If other aspects of paper quality permit:

(A) Change the paper stock to shorter fibers

For low-coated base paper or double glue, use more hardwood

-Reduce the degree of grinding wood pulp, or increase the amount of wood grinding wood pulp

(B) Increase beating when appropriate

-Controllable cut-off is better than excessive hydration

3. Operate under ideal net tension conditions.

Do not let the forming net hang on the dewatering element or loosen at the breast roller.

-The wire is not allowed to change direction significantly in the forming plate and roller area.

4. Use the following methods to improve the drainage capacity of the water purification scheme:

(a) Move the vacuum box in the direction of the sofa roller and add more dehydration elements

(B) Filling plate or humidification vacuum box

(c) Vacuum box with low friction coefficient

In this way, the forming wire can be operated more closely at the chest-receiving roller. In addition to the dehydration in the vacuum box, the front part of the wire can also fully play the role of dehydration.

(d) If the stability of the mesh slurry is allowed, increase the angle of the panel and increase the vacuum of the wet vacuum box.

(E) Reduce initial dehydration to avoid netting

5. The settings for forming a network case can be improved in the following ways:

(A) Correctly set the distance between the front roller and the baffle so that there is no large flow between them.

(b) All baffles are suitable for the position of the forming wire so that no water flows through the baffles to form a water flow

(C) Confirm that all dehydration elements are aligned

-The chopping board should make its tip contact with the forming net correctly

-This means that all the chopping boards must be ground simultaneously

(D) All rollers rotate freely


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