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Shandong EASSTI tells you about the performance of High Consistency Refiner

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      High Consistency Refiner is one of our company's professional products. Our products are sold all over the country and have been well received by customers. The following describes the performance of high-concentration refining:

High Consistency Refiner

      High Consistency Refiner is currently recognized as a better refining method in the paper industry, especially suitable for widely used medium and short fiber raw materials and recycled waste paper. Compared with low-concentration refining, its greatest advantage lies in: when working, there is more slurry on the working edge of the grinding teeth, the shear pressure of the slurry is smaller, and the cutting effect of the fiber is weakened. This not only increases the average length of pulped fibers, thereby increasing the tensile force of the paper, but also saves more energy consumption when the quality of the pulp is the same. This machine adopts hydraulic automatic control to advance and retreat the knife, only need to manually adjust the overflow control valve, you can arbitrarily adjust the working current of the mill and the pressure between the two grinding plates according to the requirements of the refining process. The automatic control device can keep the selected working current and the pressure between the grinding discs constant. Therefore, as long as the slurry is more uniform, the uniform slurry can be guaranteed.


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