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Technical characteristics of screw conveyor

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screw conveyor

The screw conveyor is suitable for short-distance vertical conveying. The spiral of the bendable screw conveyor is composed of a flexible shaft and synthetic rubber blades. It is easy to bend and can be arranged arbitrarily according to the site or process requirements for spatial transportation. Screw conveyor blades have current pull type and full pull loss. The current pull type can be made into any thickness and specification size. The full pull type is not suitable for making non-standard spirals.

From the perspective of the displacement direction of the conveying material, screw conveyors are divided into two types: horizontal screw conveyor and vertical screw conveyor. They are mainly used for horizontal conveying of various powder, granular and small pieces of loose materials. And vertical lifting, the screw conveyor is not suitable for transporting special materials that are easily deteriorated, highly viscous, easy to agglomerate or high temperature, afraid of pressure, and relatively corrosive.

The screw conveyor is generally composed of three parts: the conveyor body, the inlet and outlet and the driving device; the spiral blade of the screw conveyor has three forms: solid spiral surface, belt spiral surface and blade spiral surface. Among them, the blade spiral surface is used Relatively few, it is mainly used to transport materials with high viscosity and compressibility. This type of spiral suspension surface type can simultaneously perform and complete the mixing and mixing of materials during the completion of the transportation operation.

Compared with other conveying equipment, the screw conveyor has the advantages of small cross-section size, good sealing performance, stable and reliable operation, multi-point loading and unloading, safe operation, and easy maintenance.


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