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The bearing problem of the paper machine must be maintained

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Customers purchase paper machine equipment with heart, hoping that it can create more profits, but the idea of horses running fast and not eating grass is very dangerous, so if you want to make use of small paper machines. As a result, we must understand the various operation methods of paper machine equipment, and at the same time, we must do a good job in the maintenance of various parts. Today, we will introduce the maintenance of bearings on the paper machine to friends.

We all know that bearings are indispensable for the operation of any equipment, and the lack of lubrication of the bearings will increase the friction between the parts and cause difficulties in the operation of the paper machine equipment. Therefore, we must timely lubricate the bearings. . When the weather is cold, we need to add some lubricants for cars. After adding lubricating oil, we need to check regularly to see if we want to continue adding it. Fortunately, we should replace it regularly according to the paper machine operating regulations. Only in this way can we extend the life of the bearing.

The workload of the paper machine is very large, and there may be a series of problems, maybe just a part of the problem, there will be a series of chain reactions, resulting in the paper machine equipment can not work normally, so we must pay attention to the later stage of the papermaking equipment The maintenance work of the paper machine, if the product is used improperly, and the subsequent maintenance cannot keep up, it will reduce the service life of the paper machine equipment.


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