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The cause of the vibration of the press roll of the paper machine

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Paper machine

The vibration of the paper machine, especially the high-speed paper machine press roll, is a headache and dangerous thing. The vibration of the press roll will inevitably lead to uneven dehydration of the paper in the press section, which will easily cause frequent paper breaks. Excessive vibration will limit the speed of the paper machine. If it causes resonance, it will directly affect the structural stability of the entire paper machine; Vibration will also produce harsh noise.

The main reasons for the vibration of the paper machine press roll are as follows:

(1) The press roll is not well balanced;

(2) Natural frequency vibration at a specific vehicle speed;

(3) The squeezing roller has not been lifted due to improper use or long-term shutdown, resulting in an out-of-round roller surface;

(4) The bearing of the press roll is damaged and not replaced in time;

(5) The transmission of the press roller is not smooth, and there are problems with the electrical control; the air pressure of the hydraulic press and pressure device is abnormal;

(6) There are soft spots on the rubber roller. There are lumps on the surface of the pressing roll;

(7) The uniformity of the papermaking blanket layer is not good, and the plug is uneven. The vibration caused by the fabric can be reduced by changing the moisture content of the fabric, the pressing load and the speed of the paper machine;


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