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The composition of the press section of a paper machine

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The structural composition of the press section of different paper machines is different, but the basic composition is roughly similar.

The various devices and components included in the press section of a paper machine can be divided into the following parts:

1. Various types of presses formed by various types of press rolls according to different matching combinations;

2. Various accessories for pressing, such as pressurizing lever system, scraper, air-jet scraper, water spray pipe, water receiving tray, etc.;

3. Various accessories of the blanket, such as corrector, tensioner, spreading roller, guide roller and its scraper, washing state adjustment device (felt suction box, blanket squeezing press, water spray pipe), etc.;

4. Various suction and transfer devices for paper webs, such as suction rollers, suction boxes, paper guiding ropes, paper guiding air jets, etc.;

5. Rollers on the paper web circuit, such as paper guiding rollers and paper-breaking conveying devices;

6. Pneumatic pressure system and hydraulic pressure system;

7. Rack and walking platform, etc.

Many of these components of the press section of a paper machine are standard or general-purpose parts. This is because there are several presses in the press section, and there are many accessories that can be interchanged. Manufacturers often divide various types of press rolls into series according to parameters such as width and vehicle speed to make standard designs, which greatly speeds up the design and manufacturing cycle of the press part. Using these standard components, it is possible to design press sections suitable for different paper machines with slight layout changes or few additions of special parts. In recent years, the composition of the press section has progressed towards standardization and modularization.

Different press forms of paper machine have different forms of press section frame. However, the machine frame is also developing towards building blocks, and even double-roller and compound presses have become standard building block parts, which can be assembled to form a variety of different press sections.


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