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A list of these Paper machine factory articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional Paper machine factory, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • 2021-11-23

    The function of vacuum roll on Fourdrinier paper machine

    The vacuum roll on the paper machine is mainly dehydrated by vacuum suction. Its advantages are convenient operation, high dehydration rate, less wear of the net, and convenient paper threading. The use of vacuum rolls in the paper machine can increase the dryness of the wet paper to more than 20%

  • 2021-11-16

    The composition of the press section of a paper machine

    The structural composition of the press section of different paper machines is different, but the basic composition is roughly similar.The various devices and components included in the press section of a paper machine can be divided into the following parts

  • 2021-11-11

    The basic composition of the dryer section of a paper machine

    Today with the highly developed science and technology, the final drying of general paper and paperboard is still done by heating and drying with dryers. This is because dryer drying has an ironing effect in addition to the above-mentioned effects. Improve the quality of finished paper.

  • 2021-10-27

    How to deal with the sewage generated by the paper machine

    Sewage will be generated during the production process of paper machine, and the arbitrary discharge of this sewage will pollute the environment. Therefore, paper machine manufacturers must treat the sewage to avoid impact on the environment.

  • 2021-10-25

    Inspection and maintenance of paper machine

    After we use the paper machine for a period of time, we need to check and maintain it to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. So how to check and repair the equipment?1. It is necessary to check the geometric accuracy of the parts of the paper machine.

  • 2021-10-21

    Introduction of paper machine forming section

    The forming section of the paper machine is composed of a head box, breast roll, forming wire, suction box, and flat roll. The headbox spreader evenly sprays the slurry sent by the flow system to the forming wire, and the slurry speed should match the wire speed.

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