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The development history of paper machine

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The development history of paper machine. What are the four major inventions in China? This question can be answered by elementary school students, but the editor still feels that papermaking is still a very important invention. So far, in some remote places, ancient papermaking is still circulated. And it has been sought after by some enthusiasts who are interested in paper machines.

In 105 AD, Cai Lun summarized the use of hemp fiber in papermaking since the Western Han Dynasty, using bark, hemp, rags, old fishing nets and other raw materials to improve the papermaking process, marking the beginning of the paper machine.

Around the eighteenth century, papermaking technology has been further developed in Europe. It has been further improved and developed from the Netherlands, France, and the United Kingdom, and developed into the familiar paper machine concept, Fourdrinier paper machine and cylinder paper machine.

Since the 1950s, papermaking machinery has seen more development and innovation. For example, vertical continuous digesters, displacement scrubbers, hot rolling mills, new pressure screens, slag removers, etc. have appeared in pulping equipment. In paper machines, new types of pulp boxes, nets, laminating machines, polyester forming nets, etc. appear. There are many kinds of technologies.

After the 1960s, the controllable DC motor speed control system began to be widely used in paper machines. Electronic technology was used to detect, control and record the parameters of the papermaking process, such as the speed, concentration, temperature and flow rate of the machine. Thickness etc. By the 1980s, large vertical continuous digesters could produce more than 1,000 tons of pulp per day. The width of the paper is up to 10 meters, the speed is above 1000 meters per minute, and the daily output exceeds 500 tons.

The above is a history of the development of paper machine, I hope you have some understanding.


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