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The difference between kraft paper and paper bag paper

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Kraft paper machine

Do you know the difference between kraft paper and paper bag paper? Let me introduce the editor of Shandong Easttai.

Although paper bag paper is similar to kraft paper, most of it is produced with softwood kraft pulp. In China, it is also produced with some bamboo pulp, cotton stalk pulp, and rag pulp. Therefore, paper bag paper has good mechanical strength and can be used as a packaging bag for cement, pesticides, fertilizers and other industrial products. At the same time, in order to be suitable for filling, the paper bag paper is required to have a certain degree of air permeability and greater elongation.

There are many types of kraft paper, including boxboard, cement bag paper, high-strength corrugated paper, brown cardboard, etc. It is made of softwood sulphate natural color pulp, with tough texture, high strength, and yellow-brown wrapping paper. At the same time, from the appearance, it can be divided into single-sided light, double-sided light, striped, non-striped and other varieties, and the quality requirements are also different. Kraft paper is used as the inner packaging of small paper bags, document bags, industrial products, textiles, and daily necessities.

Do you understand the difference between kraft paper and paper bag paper above? The kraft paper machine produced by Shandong Easttai has reliable quality and excellent performance. We hope that we can cooperate sincerely and make progress together with new and old customers.


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