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Three major functions of headbox paper machine

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Headbox paper machine

The functions of any form of headbox paper machine are specifically undertaken and coordinated by the three parts of the pulp distributor, the rectifier and the paper feeder. The functions of these three parts are as follows:

Headbox paper machine Spreader:

According to the principle of fluid dynamics, using regular variable cross-sections, the on-line paper stream is uniformly distributed along the width of the paper machine at a certain pressure, speed, and flow.

Headbox paper machine Rectifier:

The rectifying element and the turbulence generator are used to generate turbulence of appropriate scale and intensity to effectively disperse the fibers, prevent fiber flocculation, and maintain the non-directional arrangement of the fibers as much as possible, so that the fibers in the top paper stream are evenly dispersed.

Headbox paper machine Paper net device:

Make the paper material spray evenly, at a certain angle and spray speed to the predetermined dots on the net, and provide the quantitative of the width of the paper machine, the fine adjustment of the moisture, the turbulence of the pulp flow, and the control and adjustment of the flocculation scale. Ensure that the required quality of paper sheets are obtained.


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