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Three points to pay attention to when buying a paper machine

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What should I pay attention to when buying a paper machine? Next, I will explain it to you.

When buying a paper machine, we need to face many problems. For example, each set of paper machine has different models, different types of paper produced, different papermaking weights, different paper widths, working speeds, and production capacities. It depends on the investment and production site.

1. When buying a paper machine, you should not only pay attention to the appearance characteristics of the machine unilaterally, but consider its internal quality, and don't be misled by the exaggerated praise of individual companies, saying their paper machine It has the characteristics of fast working speed, good stability, good safety, long service life and strong operability. Therefore, when choosing a paper machine, you should pay attention to many aspects, such as: the working speed, stability, safety, service life, and ease of operation of the paper machine.

2. Whether the reputation and credibility of the paper machine is good or not, the customer's evaluation represents the quality of the product to a certain extent. If a machine gives customers a bad impression, poor use effect, and imperfect after-sales maintenance, then This kind of product is definitely not something we should choose. On the contrary, it means that it is a product worth buying.

3. Whether the after-sales maintenance service is related to the vital interests of the customers. When buying a paper machine, another direction that should be grasped is after-sales maintenance. This is a symbol of the customer’s purchasing interests. A good after-sales maintenance service means that the company has A complete sales quality system, its mechanical properties will also make people feel at ease, willing to buy the product.

The above is the introduction of the editor. When buying a paper machine, you must pay attention to your needs and choose the product that suits you.


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