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Tips for coating machine maintenance

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The coating machine needs to do a good job in all aspects of maintenance, not only to ensure that the equipment is safer during use, but also to reduce the occurrence of failures, and it can also better extend the service life. Today, Shandong Easttai editor shares with you Here is the maintenance knowledge of the coating machine: how to do the daily maintenance work, and what are some specific methods?

To do the daily maintenance work of the coating machine, we should:

1. Check the different screws on the equipment regularly to see if there is any looseness. Correctly understand some specific situations and have a proper understanding of the corresponding requirements. These will be guaranteed for the subsequent use, so everyone should really pay attention to this aspect.

2. Do a good job of basic cleaning, especially every time you stop using the equipment, you must do a good job in all aspects of cleaning, so as to ensure that the equipment is not corroded, and it can also ensure the effect in the application process. Once cleaning is done If the performance is not well done, sometimes there will be greater errors, and the effect is difficult to guarantee.

3. Lubrication should be applied to key parts frequently to avoid rusting of key parts due to temperature and other reasons, and excessive friction of parts will affect the normal use of equipment.

Correctly do the daily maintenance and maintenance of the coating machine, and check some aspects at regular intervals to see some of the equipment, especially the problem of loose screws. In the maintenance process, we should also do a good job in cleaning, and we can do a good job in these aspects. After the entire cleaning work is done better, then there will be more for our next applications. It’s a guarantee, so be sure to do these things in advance.


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