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These are related to the Finishing equipment news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Finishing equipment and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Finishing equipment market.
  • 2022-08-18

    Treatment and recycling of white water in papermaking machinery and equipment

    Treatment and recycling of white water in papermaking machinery and equipmentWhite water is the waste water of papermaking machinery and equipment. White water mainly contains fine fibers, fillers, pigments and dissolved wood components, and adds rubber, wet strength agents, preservatives, etc., ins

  • 2022-03-23

    Composition and function of scraper in paper machine

    The doctor blade in a paper machine is generally composed of a doctor blade seat, a doctor blade holder, a pressurizing/lifting device, an oscillating device, a doctor blade, etc., as well as ancillary parts such as bearings and journals.1. Scraper seatThe hardness of the scraper holder must be calc

  • 2022-01-17

    Invention and development of the paper machine

    Invention and development of the paper machine. After the invention of papermaking, in the long history, after thousands of years, it has spread from China to West Asia, Europe, America, and all over the world. It was not until more than 1,600 years after the invention of papermaking that the first paper machine appeared in the world

  • 2022-01-03

    Frequency Conversion Control of Subsection Drive of Paper Machine

    Our country’s paper machine branch transmission equipment used SCR DC speed regulation in the past. Due to the existence of slip rings and carbon brushes, the reliability and accuracy of the paper machine are not high, which leads to the backwardness of the paper machine machinery.

  • 2021-12-21

    The configuration of the sandwich paper machine

    The sandwich paper machine solves the problems caused by the increasing speed of modern Fourdrinier paper machines, especially the difference in paper product characteristics on both sides of the Fourdrinier paper machine, poor micro uniformity

  • 2021-12-13

    Lubrication method of various parts of paper machine

    Paper machines include two major categories: pulp machinery and paper machinery, as well as paper decoration and processing equipment. The specific lubrication methods are as follows:1. Lubrication of pulp machineryPulp machinery includes two types of equipment: material preparation and pulp making.

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