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Tips for ordinary inspection problems of screw conveyors

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Tips for ordinary inspection problems of screw conveyors

Screw Conveyor

1. Note that personnel cannot open the scraper chute at will when the scraper is in operation. If the scraper conveyor is in operation, if a large coal gangue or other debris is found, it should be shut down immediately for disposal.

2. If the chain runs off the groove when it goes out of the groove, it is necessary to stop the machine for processing, and it is not allowed to smash it with hands or other things to avoid casualties.

3. It is necessary for the operator to undergo professional training before operating the scraper conveyor and hold a certificate to work. You should be familiar with the performance, structure and principle of the equipment, understand general repair, maintenance and fault handling, and check whether the head, motor, reducer, and protective photos of the scraper conveyor are intact and fastened reliably.

4. When the screw conveyor is stopped for inspection and maintenance, it is necessary to block the power supply and turn on and off the lock, and it is forbidden to operate with electricity.


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